Rev. Gerald PorterRev. Gerald Porter
Assistant Pastor
Reverend Gerald Porter has been a member of Mount Zion for over 30 years. He and his wife Sister Tammy Porter are the parents of 2 children. Reverend Porter earned an Associate degree in Biblical Theology from Moody Bible Institute and a Bachelors degree in the same field of spiritual study from Grace Christian College. He holds a Masters in Biblical Theology from Grace College.
Rev. Jerome BellRev. Jerome Bell
Associate Pastor and Junior Church Pastor
Mount Zion is Reverend Jerome Bell's childhood church and he has been a member since 1962. Reverend Bell is Mount Zion's Junior Church Pastor and he lends himself across multiple cross functional strategic church committees. Reverend Bell has studied at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is married to Sister Joanie Bell and is the father of 5 children.
Rev. Ron ColemanRev. Ron Coleman
Associate Minister
Reverend Ronald Coleman has been a member of Mount Zion since 2004. Reverend Coleman is the proud father of 2 daughters. His religious studies include an Associate degree in Biblical Study and Theology and a Bachelors degree in the same area of study from Grace Christian College. Reverend Coleman was ordained into the Ministry in 2013.
Rev. Joe MallettRev. Joe Mallett
Associate Minister
Reverend Joe Mallett has been a long-standing faithful member of Mount Zion since 1968. His religious studies include attending Moody Bible College and being an ordained Minister in the Baptist Church. Reverend Mallett and his wife Sister Ruby Mallett are the parents of 3 children.
Rev. LeeRoy MillerRev. LeeRoy Miller
Associate Minister
Faithful to the Lord and his church, Reverend LeeRoy Miller transitioned on May 30, 2021. He was a member of Mount Zion for over 45 years. He and his wife Sister Dorothy Barnes Miller are the parents of two children Devin and Dawn. Reverend Miller was the Mount Zion Superintendent of Sunday School and founded and lead the transportation ministry. He was officially ordained a Baptist Minister in 2008.
Rev. James MoragneRev. James Moragne
Associate Minister
Reverend James Moragne has been with Mount Zion for 11 years. He has studied at Moody Bible College and the Milwaukee Theological Institute. His spiritual teaching involves Sunday School, the Food Pantry, leading extension bible class at the Calvin Courtyards and working in the Mental Health & Wellness Ministry. Reverend Moragne and his wife, Sister Sylvia, have 3 children and 6 grand-children.
Rev. Gary ThomasRev. Gary Thomas
Associate Minister
Reverend Gary Thomas has been a member of Mount Zion since 2006. He and his wife, Sister Cynthia Thomas, are parents to 2 children and they have one grand-daughter. Rev. Thomas earned his Ph.D in 2017 from Grace Theological Institute and is an Associate Professor at the college. Rev. Thomas was officially ordained a Minister in December 2013.
Rev. Joe WeathersRev. Joe Weathers
Associate Minister
Reverend Joe Weathers is a former Pastor of Mount Zion and the retired Pastor of Mount Ararat Baptist Church in Milwaukee which he lead for 25 years. Reverend Weathers is a graduate of the Milwaukee Theological Institute. He has conducted missionary work and preached internationally in Scotland, Germany, Rome and other locations. Rev. Weathers is the proud father of 4 daughters.
Rev. Greg RichardsonRev. Greg Richardson
Rev. Greg Richardson is a lifelong member who was born and raised at Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church. He is an ordained minister who is truly devoted to God and his family.